Location: 5411 W. Fullerton Ave.
Chicago, IL
Cost: $1.86 million
Client: Chicago Public Schools

As classroom size continuously grew, Hanson Park Elementary School needed to expand and accommodate extra space. CPS contracted FORMA to design the new modular unit to best suit the needs of the Pre-K students that need the new space. The new modular is positioned south of the main building in the open grass area. The building is pre-fabricated off-site and brought in on flat-bed semi-trucks. A 450-ton crane
places each section on cast-in-place concrete foundation piers and connected to make one complete building. Finishes are done on site and connected to all utilities. The result is a cost-effective solution to overburdened schools that require additional classrooms. Site work was also completed which included new landscaping and a new playground.


155 N Michigan Ave Suite 208
Chicago, Il 60601


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